All products offered on our site are warranted under current laws and trade policies of manufacturers. The products are new, in original packaging, and are distributed by suppliers authorized by the manufacturer.
The warranty period begins from the date indicated on the warranty card. Signing the warranty card means accepting the warranty terms. For goods delivered by courier, the warranty terms are deemed to have been accepted unless objections are made within a one-day period.
The supplier only bears responsibility for the products he purchases.
The warranty card is retained by the customer and is provided when warranty repairs are required.
Technique is accepted for warranty service only in original packaging.
The Supplier undertakes to remove any damage occurring within the warranty period free of charge, except in those cases where these failures are caused by improper transportation, storage, installation and / or as a result of improper operation of the devices, as well as faults in the electrical grid, electric shock (non-grounding) and natural disasters. In these cases, the repair is paid by the customer.
The warranty expires in the following cases:
• expiration of the warranty period;
• repair or change on the original invoice or warranty card;
• losing the warranty card;
• Disturbed marking or seal, erased or broken serial number;
• established mechanical damage;
• bad transport;
• fixed repairs by unauthorized persons;
• inappropriate storage (in dirty, humid, unheated, etc.);
• for chemical, electrical or other effects other than normal operation of the product;